The benefits of ditching paper and taking your forms digital with Noti is compelling; no more lost paperwork, faster lines of communication, digital access and storage to name but a few. But for us that wasn’t enough, we wanted our service to offer more than that. So our feature set allows you to power up your forms by using the tech already embedded in the mobile devices we all carry round with us today.

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Noti's Features

If your business and its revenues are dependant on paperwork correctly submitted, signed, capturing the best possible information and even being legible then the online forms service provided by Noti is the system for you.

Our goal is simple; to increase profits, productivity and cashflow for businesses by offering a service that allows you to convert your paper based forms to digital and embed them on the devices of your staff through our own unique App.

GPS Location

GPS location & timesheet tracking

Have your workers clock in and out of their remote sites using GPS with arrival and departure times and locations. You can even use the data to create activity heat maps.

When your job is complete this feature can be utilised as evidence and peace of mind for your own customers, simply show them the heatmap and the times included.

Intuitive Form & Builder

Our online form builder allows you replicate your existing paper forms and use them through Noti. Then power them up with our extra features like GPS. They sit in your personal library and you choose if your users can access them.

Your users can easily fill out the form on site by simply pulling out their phone and opening up our intuitive and easy to use mobile app, available on both Apple and Android devices.

Form Builder
Image and Video Capture

Image And Video Capture

If building a form with some or all of those features sounds very technical and hard work, think again. It isn’t.

Simply order the building blocks of the form to suit your requirements and configure each block for how you would like your Users to complete the data. If you want to get up and running faster, browse the pre-built forms in the Noti master library and drop them in your own library for use by your teams. If what we have pre-built is not quite perfect for you then use the Form Builder tool to amend it to suit your more specific needs. Now that’s clever.

If you still don’t fancy that – no problem. We eat forms for breakfast; contact us with what needs to be done, we can build it for you and drop it in your own form library.

PDF output to Email

When you’ve signed up, add your branding during account set up, this will allow you to add your branding to your own forms, this will ensure your forms maintain a professional look.

You can then output a .pdf to any number of recipients via email – this ensures that all relevant parties will receive all of the information they need.

PDF to Email
Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage & User Permissions

All data safely stored with Amazon Web Services. Full control over user permissions and access rights in a simple hierachy to ensure the right users only have access to the right forms.

Offline Data Collection

Once you push forms out to your staff on their device they can be completed any time and Noti will sync the data once a connection is re-established.

This means if your employee has no internet connection when they’re on site, their forms will be accessible as soon as the user reconnects to the internet.

Offline Data Collection

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you set up your account your staff granted with admin rights get access to the Noti portal which operates online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. From their new Users can be invited to join Noti. The User is sent a link to download the Noti App to their Apple or Android device. Apart from the App there is no software to download or install – everything operates online fully accessible from any PC or internet connected device.

Whether you have one thousand employees, or just one, our service is completely scalable to suit your needs. If your business depends on paper based forms, inspections, checklists, timesheets or audits then no matter how large or small, Noti can work for you and help you work better. The benefits for smaller businesses can be significant – less time for management and operatives dealing with paperwork, faster lines of communication and more commercially secure records equates to increased productivity, better cashflow and ultimately increased profits.

No. We’re confident the best people to run the workflows of our customer’s business are our customers themselves. All of your existing systems and procedures remain completely intact. For example your accounts team still receive your operatives timesheets, its just that with Noti they get them instantly in a pdf rather than in an in-tray on their desk. No delays, no lost paperwork.

We believe in offering a professional service to our customers and we want to help you to do the same. As part of the set up process you can opt to replace all Noti branding on the forms with your own logo and company details. That way your professional image is maintained with any documents you submit to your Clients.

Not at all. Once a form has been completed simply turn it into a pdf and email it to as many different receipients as you wish. No specialist software or integrations required. Of course the data captured in the form is also retained in our cloud storage facility for you to access at any time in the future.

None whatsoever. With Noti you won’t find complicated dashboards, pie charts that you will never use or time consuming procedures and workflows that no-one can understand. Our system embodies simplicity and ease of use. Having said that, if you feel you need some help getting set up or if you get stuck – we are here to help and we’re a friendly bunch so get in touch using our contact details here on this site.

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