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You may download the app from either Google Play or the Apple App Store – just be sure you have a Noti account first.
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Noti’s Features

Our features are designed to harness the power of two major assets from your business – your staff and their mobile devices. Once your paper forms are online and digital with Noti our full feature set can be added, significantly improving the evidential power of the data gathered and making storage and accessibility of it a breeze.

GPS Location Tracker Icon

GPS location & timesheet Tracking

Have your workers clock in and out of their remote sites using GPS with arrival and departure times and locations. You can even use the data to create activity heat maps.

Intuitive Form Builder Icon

Intuitive Form Builder

Our online form builder allows you replicate your existing paper forms and use them through Noti. Then power them up with our extra features like GPS. They sit in your personal library and you choose which users access them.

Image and Video Capture Icon

Image and video Capture

Pin videos and images to the written data the form collects to enhance the value of your inspection and audit forms.

PDF Output Icon

PDF Output to Email

Add your branding during setup and then issue your branded online forms via PDF to any number of recipients.

Cloud Storage Users Icon

Cloud Storage & User Permissions

All data safely stored with Amazon Web Services. Full control over user permissions and access rights in a simple hierachy to ensure the right users only have access to the right forms.

Offline Data Icon

Offline Data Collection

Once you push forms out to your staff on their device they can be completed any time and Noti will sync the data once a connection is re-established.

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